Adults Dance Program1


Adults can dress in dancewear or workout wear. Dance shoes are recommended for tap, jazz and ballet. Shoes that are not worn outside (ie..sneakers) can be worn for workout classes and hip hop. Feel free to take yoga, contemporary and meditation barefoot. 

Infinite Motion Performing Arts Academy classical ballet program focuses on training students with the correct technique, while learning terminology and musical phrasing. We encourage each dancer to work from their own natural facility while developing correct alignment of the body, building strength and flexibility giving both the beginner and pre-professional dancer a strong foundation in classical ballet.

Infinite Motion’s Contemporary style is lyrical based with modern elements. Contemporary movement is faster than ballet but slower than jazz. Dancers learn to interpret music and lyrics and begin communicating emotion through motion. It is highly encouraged that dancers studying contemporary also enroll in a ballet class. From contemporary techniques to traditional styles, students will learn floor combinations, leaps and floor progressions. While using the latest age appropriate music, dancers will begin to develop style and flare that jazz is so popularly known for. We encourage students to add ballet to their curriculum while studying jazz as it will enhance their Jazz training.

From Broadway to Hoofing, students create and re-define the rhythm of tap dancing. Emphasis on rhythm and coordination will be taught through basic steps, interesting and level appropriate combinations. Students will begin to develop a sense of musicality as well as learn the fundamentals of executing specific tap steps and sounds.

Hip Hop is becoming one of the most popular forms of dance. This adult level class will teach the basics of the movement, begin to learn the urban cultural style that provides a funkier edge to the styles of this genre.

Offered 1st Friday of the Month beginning October 2015

Join us to clear your mind, reduce stress, enhance flexibility & promote overall wellness.........This workshop focuses on bringing the mind, body & spirit together. Various tools & technique will be introduced to assist even the novice quiet the mind, bringing positive, peaceful energy within.

During your 60 minute experience, a combination of basic stretch, Tai Chi, movement & meditation will be infused to help reach a state of complete stress-free relaxation; SERENITY.

An exhilarating and fun workout with tap shoes on! This class integrates a variety of low impact cardio exercises as well as basic tap steps. Class will demonstrate many levels of each move so you can pick the fitness level that is best suited for your needs. This high energy class is a great way to let loose, have fun while tapping that booty away! Created by Colleen Cross over 15 years ago.. come check out this class with your sneakers, no worries, and before you know it you'll put those tap shoes on!

Offered Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am