Upstaged: Triple Threat Program

Triple Threat

A Pre-Professional Triple Threat Program

The UPSTAGED voice and theatre company at Infinite Motion travels 
and performs throughout the Tri-State area performing and competing.

This triple threat company studies with Alice Grippa and Katie
Weigl and works with Infinite Motion choreographers for productions and showcases.
The Upstaged 
company prides itself on professionalism and the value of
self-expression through acting, singing, 
dancing and performing.
Soloists train privately on a regular basis while the company rehearses
2-4 hours per week based on age 
and level.
The UPSTAGED company began in fall 2011 and performed a variety of routines for numerous shows
concluding with a performance at Don’t Tell Mama Cabaret Theatre on restaurant row in New York City.
Performers Audition on annual basis before the new season begins.

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