Creative Motion Pre-School Program

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Our Creative Motion classes are designed to encourage a child's creative inner spirit, enhance gross motor skill development, listening and social skills while introducing pre-ballet movement.


Minis in MotionMINIS IN MOTION:
This is a 30 minute class that introduces movement to our mini dancer. Using many different exciting dance activities and creative props, the young dancer will begin to develop balance, coordination and stretch. Through creative imagery and movement, a pre-ballet foundation begins.

Fine and gross motor skills will soon develop in this energetic class! The class will also teach the value of taking turns and working together in preparation for Creative Motion 1.



This 45 minute class is the extension on Minis in Motion. Using imagery, song and movement and props, dancers continue to explore motion and pre-ballet in a wonderfully creative way!

Confidence will begin to soar as large and fine motor skills develop in a positive, healthy, educational and fun atmosphere.


This 1 hour class is the extension of Creative Motion 1. We continue to develop and strengthen large motor skills while adding some more pre-ballet exercises. Dancers get introduced to the ballet barre as well as pre-tap. 

Still exploring imagery, song, dance and the use of props, we begin to see confidence soar and movement skills evolve! Both tap and ballet shoes are needed for this class.


Our Youth Program is geared for ages 5 thru 6.  Our focus is to foster an environment where pre-school aged children can learn in a structured, yet creative atmosphere!

They can choose 1, 2  or more of the following disciplines varying from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop or Musical Broadway. By studying one specific discipline at a time, rather than in a combination format, children are able to advance more quickly while still enjoying the joy of acting and dancing!

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