What Parents Are Saying

What Parents Are Saying 3


  • Nancy Z

    "We love Infinite Motion! The best teachers in an environment that is friendly and supportive. My daughter has been with Infinite Motion since it opened and loves it there, and she has grown into a beautiful dancer. Every student is important and encouraged. And it has the best adult classes in the area. We travel a half hour to get to Infinite Motion because it is the ideal dance studio for us."
  • Beth T

    "I have been a part of this wonderful family for many years as a dancer in the adult classes. When my three children were younger, they danced here as well. As students of Miss Rosanne and Miss Colleen (along with others through the years), they learned such important skills--as well as their dance steps. They learned to listen to the teacher, to encourage their classmates, to accept their given role in a situation and perform it to their best, to practice if they wanted to get better, to be respectful of others, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. I was never in the audience for recitals, as I was always there dancing myself; but I'll always remember the look on their faces as they would come off the stage after a performance as I watched from the wings: Pure JOY. The experiences they were a part of with this group of teachers helped shape them into the young adults they are becoming! Me? My experiences are still shaping me, now three times a week in tap, jazz, contemporary and ballet. I love my Infinite Motion family and can't think of a better studio in the area (or the world!)."
  • Lorraine P

    "I have been a part of the Infinite Motion PAA family from the very beginning. As an adult taking classes you get to experience all aspects of the studio; including the interaction of the students with the teachers and each other, the professionalism that is shared, the caring of students for themselves and other dancers, as well as the fun and learning that takes place every day. I have seen students grow in self- confidence and as performers. Miss Colleen and Miss Rosanne, along with the all of the staff, teach more than just dancing, singing, and performing. This studio is a positive place for children to grow, learn, achieve, and feel confident in themselves as well as being an individual and part of a group. IMPAA is a top-quality studio and the best environment for students of all ages, young and old!"
  • Matthew G

    "My daughters have been dancing at the school since they were little. My older graduated high school and my younger daughter is part of the dance company. The directors, Colleen and Roseanne, and all the staff take an active interest in all the kids. They really get to know them as dancers and individuals. They teach them not just about dance, but about life lessons as well. We couldn't be happier there."
  • Rachel N

    "Being a part of Infinite Motion Dance Company was one of my most life changing experiences. I graduated in 2013 and now just graduated the University of the Arts as a college Dance Major; I would not be where I am today without everyone at Infinite Motion. There are no words to describe the amount of investment Miss Rosanne, Miss Colleen and all the IMPAA faculty puts into their students. For me this place was my home away from home. Infinite Motion is not just a place to dance, it is a place to grow, to inspire, to be inspired and to be part of something truly wonderful. The dancers at Infinite Motion are not simply friends, this is our family."
  • Lisa N

    "Amazing, nurturing dance studio that truly makes every child feel special, whether you dance 1 hour or 20 hours per week. I am always impressed how the owners know every student's name and often the names of their brothers and sisters too! The nurturing environment is something very special. My daughter is receiving a quality dance education along with amazing values that she can take into the world."
  • Donna B

    "The faculty, staff, and facility at Infinite Motion are outstanding. The highest standards of excellence are paired with a family atmosphere that values each dancer and promotes self-confidence. Colleen Cross, Rosanne Renda, and the entire team, encourage every student to succeed and feel strong and empowered. I have danced with them for over 20 years, and I feel privileged to have Infinite Motion as my second home."
  • Jessica A

    "A caring, fun, dance environment :) The owners, staff and teachers have a wonderful way of bonding with the children."
  • Heather K

    "Infinite Motion is an incredible dance studio, and a family affair for our family. My daughter has been welcomed with open arms onto the dance company mini team, my son dances in the toddler creative motion class, and I dance in the adult jazz/contemporary class.
    In our first year with Infinite Motion we were blown away with the professionalism of the recital. We are all improving and having fun. IMPAA is truly first class."
  • Jennifer H

    "My daughter has been dancing with this studio for 7 years. Our little girl has grown into a beautiful dancer whose beauty and grace shines both on stage and off. Words alone cannot describe the love we have for this studio and its staff. There is no place better and no place we’d rather be."
  • Melissa A

    "My daughter has gained such confidence. It’s nothing for her to get up on stage in front of a packed house; it’s truly awe-inspiring. While the location and cleanliness were the initial reasons I came, it’s the relationships that both my daughter and I have developed that keep us coming back. The phrase that best describes IMPAA: current choreography, caring faculty, and a very happy teenage girl!"
  • Sarah K

    "My daughter has gained a tremendous amount of confidence under the direction of her dance teachers. Not only is she learning to dance, she is learning to love herself. IMPAA isn’t just a studio, it’s a family. The faculty guides young performers on a creative journey to find themselves. We help each other … Always."
  • Lisa S

    "There is something almost indescribably special about this dance studio. I can honestly say that being a part of this community has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I have been a student of the director's since I was a very little girl. Not only has she taught me the technical foundation every dancer needs but the confidence, self-acceptance and ambition to successfully perform on the grand stage that is life.
    That is why now, decades later, I am drawn back as an adult student and more importantly as a mother. Infinite Motion provided me with such poignant empowerment and nurturing. I feel so fortunate that I have the opportunity to give that gift to my daughter as my parents were wise enough to give it to me."
  • Irene G

    "I have been in the adult program for many years. It has been a wonderful addition to my life. It's a fantastic program! Colleen Cross brings out the best in each of us and I've done things I didn't know I could do. Her choreography makes everyone look good and she brings a fresh take the dance numbers. There is this positive atmosphere at the school that uses dance as a metaphor for being true to your inner spirit and playing full out in life. It's a wonderful message for children and adults!"
  • Allison T

    "We have been dancing as a family with IMPAA since 2016 and our daughter is on her second competitive season dancing with the Company. We found IMPAA through word-of-mouth after dancing at the Y for her youngest years and knew we wanted a new atmosphere. We are so lucky we found Ms. Colleen & Ms. Rosanne & all of the amazing professional, inspirational, fun & kind teachers at this studio. They push the right amount, mix in constant support, and cultivate a strong and compassionate group of young boys & girls.
    The Company gives these kids so much more than learning how to move your body--they learn organization, patience, respect, responsibility, and how to be a team. I am grateful my daughter loves to dance as much as I love watching her grow and get better every day. IMPAA has allowed us this opportunity and I highly recommend anyone to come check it out. They have literally everything at every age in every category to choose from & are always innovating!"
  • Rebecca H

    "Both of my children have learned so much from Infinite Motion. They have gained confidence and a strong sense of self. They have learned focus and discipline. They have learned what it means to work hard for something and what it means to be part of a team.
    Infinite Motion strikes the perfect balance of being a place of fun and love, while also taking the craft of dance and performing arts seriously. The students learn serious performance skills and are expected to work hard. At the same time, every person there is embraced with love, and is taught to never forget to have fun. They offer a range of class offerings at times that are realistic for kids, they have the best teachers, and they communicate so well with parents so there are never any surprises. A place where I entrust my children’s well-being and growth with zero hesitation, knowing they will always be embraced for who they are.
    By far the most professional, well-run, motivating and loving place, which will easily become your second home!"
  • Janet M

    "You won't find another dance studio like it in the area! The staff is very friendly and the environment is welcoming. Colleen and Rosanne really get to know all of their dancers whether they dance 1 hour a week or 10! Thanks to them both of my daughters have grown as dancers and as individuals. The confidence they have gained from their experience here is priceless!"
  • Deb N

    "We were extremely lucky to find Infinite Motion. My daughter is going on her fourth season here. Miss Rosanne hooked my daughter in by making dance fun. Each of the instructors in subsequent years has followed her lead. Everyone makes you feel comfortable and part of the Infinite Motion Family. Miss Rosanne and Miss Colleen know all of the dancers and families, and are very professional. The best testament is that my daughter comes home and just wants to dance around the house all of the time."
  • Joanne W

    "Infinite Motion is a wonderfully unique and creative dance studio that both supports and challenges dancers of all ages and abilities. The staff are warm, personable, talented and professional. They really focus on the needs of each individual dancer, and make you feel like an important part of their dance family. My daughters look forward every week to their classes!"
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